My name is Olga Vigar and I am a collage artist from Barcelona, where I am currently based. At the age of 17 I began studies at Davinci escola d’art; although, since the teaching model didn’t quite agree with me, I decided to pursue training in a self-taught manner. With that in mind I started reading books about techniques and approaches to artistic expression, such as symbolism by Norbert Wolf and  dadaism by Dietmar Elger, among various others. I was immediately seduced by collage and its unlimited means of expression. The idea of being able to create stories that emerged from my imagination and fantasy, by cutting diverse media and then assembling them in my own way, appealed to my creative endeavours. Eager to find out more about this technique I engaged with the work of great artists like Hannah Höch, Marcel Duchamp and Pierre Molinier, amongst others.  Through them I was exposed to what was to become my passion, photomontage on paper. When I was 18 I used magazine clippings and art books I bought at flea markets to work on my first compositions. By continually engaging in research, exploration and self-development, I developed my own style, which often combines black and white playing in contrast to vivid colours.

My creative process is very organic; my material of choice is paper, which with the use of image editing applications I combine with a range of photographic images that I find inspiring. I then arrange the images next to each other, aiming for a composition that integrates all the elements clearly and harmoniously. The end result is a visual narrative with symbolic content that makes use of a surrealistic language that defines my style. Some of the works are a reflection of the unconscious messages of my inner world, others are simply my imagination taking over. When I’m in the process of creating a composition I pay close attention to aesthetic values, aiming for the audience to capture the unconscious message I am looking to convey while also taking them a visual journey.